DMCA Policy

DMCA Policy

The information provided by is for educational purposes only. This website has been designed for the sole purpose of helping the students and doctors from different disciplines in getting all the helpful material from a single website for free. The content uploaded here is the property of the respective authors of the books and not of the owner of this website.

For any queries or guidance relating to the content of the books please contact their respective authors. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this website is educational therefore the material provided here should be used accordingly. If any of the authors of the books provided here has the copyright issues or wants the material removed, contact us and we will immediately remove your content from our website. We will respond to the reported violation of copyright issues and will take the necessary measures under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That is if your copyright material has been posted on our website or if links to your copyrighted material are returned through our search engines and you want this material removed then as noted earlier you can contact us through a proper procedure. Following are some of the important aspects you need to include in your claim:

  • If the owner has nominated/authorized another person to act on behalf of him/her then provide evidence of that authorized person whose right has been proposedly violated.
  • If the copyrighted material has appeared in any of the search results of then provide one evidence of search terms minimum in sufficient detail.
  • If the material published on the website is is unauthorized as per the copyright owner, its agent, or law then provide a statement with sound proofs.
  • You must provide sufficient contact details including a valid email address so that we might be able to contact you and address your complain.
  • Also provide a statement that the information provided in the notification is accurate, and according to the penalty of perjury the complaining person/party has been nominated/authorized by the owner to act on his/her behalf.
  • The statement must be signed by the authorized person who is to act on the behalf of the original owner of the right that has been supposedly misused. Send us written violation notice to this email address Kindly send us direct link to each of the publications which contains your material being illegally used so that we might be able to remove it from our website as early as possible. Kindly wait for 2-3 working days for an email response.

All the material provided by our website is secondary data. We provide a collection of books available online and are not liable for any changes in the text.

Please Note: Our site does not host any files! It’s just a catalog of links we found on Internet. Thanks.

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